Sustainable accommodation for more than 40 years

Lomamokkila’s story began in the late 1970s, when Björn family began to rent their own summer cottage for the opera guests at the farm.

The location in the peaceful countryside near Savonlinna attracted more and more guests.

Next summer the guests also stayed in the main building at the farm when the family members stayed in the former storage house. The guests were offered meals and different activities.

Both foreign and Finnish guests were able to take part in the everyday life at the farm, for example via baking and looking after the animals.

Meals were served in the family’s kitchen and guests were literally part of the normal life. Meat, milk and some vegetables came from the farm already then.

Lomamokkilan päärakennus edestä kauniina kesäpäivänä

Majority of ingredients come from our own farm or local producers

The number of the guests has increased during the years and we have developed the company gradually.

From the beginning, the guests have been encountered personally, and in some cases the third generation of the regular guests visits us.

Sustainability was an unknown concept in the beginning, but the activity was already then sustainable – farm products, efficient use of premises, locality and good service.

The same mentality continues, a large part of the ingredients origins from the farm or local producers and meals are prepared in the farm kitchen from the scratch.

The berries and apples in the garden are turned into jam and juice, vegetables are brought to the table directly from the green house, Highland beef origins from the farm and fish from Lake Saimaa.

Ideas from the whole family

Our whole family takes part in the business, and the new generation has new, constructive ideas about the environmental protection.

We offer summer jobs for local young people, and we favor both local workforce and materials.

We still try to emphasize long-term work and constancy in our activity.

Buildings are made of wood in order to bind carbon more efficiently, and our own forests are maintained in a sustainable way as much as possible.

Firewood used in the saunas and fireplaces origin from the farm.

The furniture is mainly made of wood and we favor local carpenters. Old pieces of furniture are also used.

Energy efficiency and reducing waste

We have invested in energy efficiency for decades.

We have used geothermal heating since 1999, and first solar panels were installed in 1991.

Nowadays geothermal heating system produces 85 % of the heating and 95 % of the hot water. Air to air heat pumps produce about 10 % of heating. Geothermal heating and air to air heat pumps are also used for cooling.

The used electrical energy origins 100 % from renewable sources, and from 2021 onwards about 20 % of electrical consumption will be covered by solar panels at the farm.

We aim to reduce the amount of waste by favoring large packages and minimizing the use of disposable products.

It is possible to recycle and use the compost either the guests stay in a room or in a cottage.

Our detergents are environment friendly.

Favoring local services and activities

We recommend our guests to favor both local cultural and restaurant services. Various nature activities, picking berries and mushrooms as well as nature observation during different seasons create unforgettable experiences for the guests.

Investing in the future

In order to invest in the future, we purchased the historical Taipaleenniemi in 2017 by the Saimaa Lake near Lomamokkila.

The beautiful location and magnificent history of the resort inspired us to start a huge renovation in Taipaleenniemi.

All the buildings in Taipaleenniemi were renovated thoroughly in two years and the values of these protected buildings were respected.

The over hundred-year-old buildings were brought to life again.

The local constructors were able to save original structures and the new technology modernized the energy economy.

The geothermal heating system produces thermal energy, hot water and cooling. The used electrical energy origins entirely from renewable sources, and from 2021 onwards solar panels form about 20 % of the entire consumption.

Taipaleenniemen päärakennus ilmasta kuvattuna
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